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The Comfort-Fit Air Ride Saddle Pad is contoured to conform to the horse’s back, eliminating sliding and bunching, while a 1/2" Air Ride™ core absorbs shock and improves saddle fit for ultimate equine comfort. 60-day money-back guarantee. 1-year warranty.

  • Model Number: 12-910-12-911-12-909

12-910: 2-1/2" double stitched slick leather, comes in light, chestnut or chocolate 12-911: 2-1/2" basket tooled latigo turnbacks comes in light, chestnut or chocolate 12-909: 2-1/2" floral tooled with latigo turnbacks comes in light, chestnut or chocolate.

  • Model Number: CFB

This close-contact design is crafted for maximum fit.  The two-piece technology consists of a contour over the spine, cutout at the withers and under the rigging for a perfect fit.  The internal base layer system creates a non-slip, close contact technology designed to lock down your saddle and protect your horse under the most extreme conditions, allowing extended riding.

  • Model Number: 230192

Chestnut color, rough out, running with print. Brass concho & dots. Belt style.

Manufactured by Intrepid International. In medium brown or Havana. Available in full, Cob or oversize.

  • Manufacturer: Weaver Leather

This best-selling, one-piece design has no hardware to break, making it the preferred choice of trainers, clinicians, outfitters, trail riders, working cowboys and riders from all disciplines. Hand-tied from 5/16" polypropylene 16-strand diamond braided rope of medium-firm lay that holds its shape. Product tag includes easy-to-follow instructions.

  • Model Number: 89-13435

This mouthpiece is made of polished sweet iron which naturally oxidizes or rusts. Harmless to horses, it has a sweet taste and promotes salivation. Black steel 7" seven shank with sweet iron low ported barrel narrow, copper inlay 5" mouth.