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Sixty years ago, Kensington offered it’s rendition of a Canvas Rug to the industry. Kensington went into the archives to retro-fit the original Canvas Rug to today’s standards. Where the Original Canvas Rug was not truly waterproof, the Kens-I-Tech Rug is, and where the old Canvas would get heavier over time, the Kens-I-Tech will not.

  • Manufacturer: Professional Choice

Heavy-duty webbing with non-chafing, moisture-wicking 100% merino wool lining next to the horse's skin provides remarkable comfort. The hardware is rust-resistant stainless steel including reinforced center D-rings and a convenient roller buckle. Merino wool lining is removable and washable for easy cleaning.

Our Pride of the Farm - tuff mineral feeder is easily moved from pasture to pasture. Our mineral feeder is easily used by animals, protects feed & mineral and protects your time. Most any animal is attracted to this feeder and readily learns to use it. No training is necessary.

  • Manufacturer: Allied Precision
  • Model Number: DT15

Easily converts between a Floater/Sinker/Drain Plug de-icer. 1500 W (watt), 120V (volt). Incorporates multiple temperature sensors to monitor water temperature as well as protect against over-temperature conditions (temperature control while keeping the tank completely ice free).

  • Manufacturer: Little Giant Miller Mfg.
  • Model Number: CA500

Whether transporting barn waste, water, or moving bulky items like hay, feed bags, and garbage cans the Little Giant muck cart makes it easy.  Perfect for use around the garden and yard too!

  • UPC: 085045003605
  • Manufacturer: Farm Innovators
  • SKU: 8504500360
  • Model Number: HB-60

60-Watts of power in an oversized two gallon capacity (holds 9 quarts)! Thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary. Heavy-duty "anti-chew" cord protector. Heavy-duty bail with reinforced connectors. Table of measurements and guaranteed for one year.

  • Manufacturer: Starbar

This handy, disposable fly trap can be hung up or set down wherever flies are a problem. Trap ’n Toss™ Fly Trap includes a special attractant that contains multiple feeding stimulants plus a fly sex attractant. Just squeeze it in and add water. Trap ’n Toss™ Fly Trap holds thousands of flies and can be simply thrown away when full.

General uses: On animal, fogger, indoor/ outdoor application. Insects controlled: Flies, lice, ants, gnats, mosquitoes, fleas, lady asian beetles. Plus 19 other flying and crawling insects. Premises used: barns, milk, rooms and parlors, stables, kennels, farms, and other buildings. Animal uses: Dairy and beef cattle, horses, ponies and swine.