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  • Manufacturer: Ezall

Our green formula has even more cleaning power and has a fresh natural scent. When you bathe your horse, cattle, livestock or pets with our body wash, you’ll see amazing results fast. As you spray on our plant-based body wash, dirt loosens and rinses away in minutes without scrubbing. Your animal’s coat and skin will be soft and well-cleaned, which helps prevent fungus and mites. A little of this natural and safe cleaner goes a long way — each wash takes just a few ounces. Available sizes: 32 oz. travel size, 1 gallon, 5 gallons, 55 gallons.

  • Manufacturer: Neogen

For use when nursing lambs and kids. Pritchard nipples are made of soft, red latex, which closely resemble the ewes teat.
Nipples screw easily onto any standard soda bottle. Threading on the cap prevents leakage while special flutter valve prevents air intake. Tip of nipple can be cut off to increase milk flow. Lambs and kids quickly learn to nurse when using pritchard nipples.

  • Manufacturer: Land O' Lakes Inc.

Introducing NEW LAND O LAKES ProNurse Multi-Specie premium formula milk replacer. Our multi-specie milk replacer is ideal for 10 species of animals including: calves, foals, goat kids & lambs, piglets, llama & alpaca crias, fawns and elk calves.

  • Manufacturer: Land O' Lakes Inc.

Now, whenever you're presented with a bonus lamb, you've got a better way to make sure that your bonus lamb represents bonus profits, thanks to lamb milk replacer from Land O'Lakes. As the pioneer in milk replacer research and development, Land O'Lakes is proud to offer Ultra Fresh® lamb milk replacer to the sheep industry and eager to continue our role as a leader in helping sheep producers realize the greatest profits possible.