How to get my Dog to Use the Restroom In the Rain

How to get my Dog to Use the Restroom In the Rain

Every pooch comes with its own bathroom habits. Some can only go when their owner is watching, while others can only go when they feel like no one is watching. One thing that troubles most dog owners is getting them to use the restroom while it’s raining. First, I would like to say I get it. In a way the dog is right. I don’t want to use the restroom or be in the rain no more than my dog does, but this is the way it has to be until dogs learn to aim and flush properly.

In general, it’s a good idea to desensitize your dog to rain starting at an early age. Get your dog outside while it’s young so it becomes comfortable with the outdoor elements. An easy way to do this is to take your dog out while there’s a light drizzle outside or its sprinkling. This will help your dog better understand its environment when using the restroom. One thing you don’t want to do is shelter your dog and not expose it to the rain. You might be surprised, but this happens to smaller dogs in metro areas like New York City where there are a lot of ways around taking your dog out such as a Pet Daycare or pads that can be laid out on the floor and thrown away later. The best way to get your dog to go outside and use the bathroom in the rain is to get out there with them. Tough it out with your pup and show it that it’s ok to be out there. After several attempts your dog will begin to understand and use the restroom in an efficient manner so that you both can keep from getting wet. Another way to get your dog to go outside in the rain is to use an umbrella. Sometimes holding an umbrella over your dog while it uses the restroom helps your dog feel like it’s in a dry enough environment to do its business. In addition to using an umbrella, many pet stores sell rain coats for pets. Not all dogs like wearing clothes, but some really go for it and embrace using one. For some pets, it’s not about using the bathroom outside as much as it is about an actual dislikeness for being in the rain. The raincoat will give your dog the security it needs to feel comfortable. The final tip for getting your dog to go outside is giving it praise. Dogs thrive off positive reinforcement so praise your dog enthusiastically when it pees or poops in the rain and give it treats for a job well done.

In the end, it’s going to take some trial and error especially if your dog is past the puppy phase when it’s easiest. Your dog is going to have its own personality and you have to adapt it to it accordingly. Whether your dog uses the restroom on command or won’t go unless it has a raincoat on, using the restroom outside will always be better than going inside the house. Pay attention to your dog and give it the encouragement it needs to use the restroom in the rain.